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Dos Pinceles is handcrafted by innovative twin sisters, Gabriela and Patricia Urrutia from Puerto Rico. They both have a minor in Fine Arts and have done work with acrylic in canvas, prints and murals throughout their discovery of artistic expression. In 2013, after taking classes for crafting metals with their mentor and Jewelry Designer, Jeannette Fossas, a passion for making jewelry was born. With no time to lose, Dos Pinceles developed their first handcrafted collection in 2014. 
Dos Pinceles is Spanish for two brushes, which symbolizes the union and inventive collaboration of these two artists’ distinct ideas in one piece. Their inspiration come from the simplicity of geometric forms found in nature, culture, and in history. By unifying all their inspiration and vision, the result was a collection with unique and contemporary pieces specialized in brass and silver. Each piece is handmade; cut, hammered, polished and assembled in their studio. Their high quality and exclusive designs are a must have to complete every woman’s look.