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Agua Ring in Silver

$ 109.00

The Agua ring represents a water drop, it not only adorns the body but also carries symbolic significance. The droplet shape represents purity, clarity, and the fluidity of life. Just as water is essential for survival, water drop jewelry symbolizes the importance of staying true to oneself and maintaining a sense of inner harmony.

The gentle curve of the water drop signifies the flow of emotions. It serves as a reminder to embrace change and remain resilient in the face of challenges.

This piece is originally hand carved in wax and then cast in solid brass or sterling silver 925. We clean and shape the cast piece by hand and then finish it with a high polish. 

Adjustable ring. Available in brass or silver

Dimenssions: 1.75” wide

Choose your size for fit

Made in Puerto Rico

Your order will ship within 7-14 business days. 

*for 24k gold plated please contact us

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